Tell Shop Socials… How will you shop for spring?

I’m simply salivating over the warm-weather gear that’s slowly trickling into stores, but after a year on mat leave and a new biz to launch, I’ll be approaching this season’s fashion with a little restraint.  To be sure I make the most of my budget I’ve been on the prowl trying to decide where I’ll buy my must-haves for spring. It’s a little premature but I think my strategy is:

1. Buy cute frocks and skirts that I’ll wear endlessly and accessories that pack a punch at my favourite boutiques. Sure, it’ll be a splurge but I’ll be less likely to walk down the street and see 4 other girls rocking the same look.

2. Snap up super trendy pieces i’ll use to keep my look current at the mall. Stores like H&M and Zara hit the trends pretty affordably and that way I don’t have buyer’s remorse when I decide I’m over the look of the second.

3. Stock up on layering pieces at the outlets stores or those magical places where you can buy groceries, get an oil change and a new outfit.  They’re cheap & cheerful and I’m not above wearing a $2 tank underneath my statement pieces anyway.

So now I want to hear from you:


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