Getting back into the swing of things

I’ve sort of been out of the scene. I spent most of my mat  leave being the opposite of social.  With good weather on it’s way and my little bambina growing up, I think it’s high time I shed my status as a homebody. After all, you can’t encourage ladies to be social when you’re plopped on the couch!

In an effort to wedge my way back into my life as an everyday socialite, I  convinced a girlfriend to join me for a drink with the foxy chicks from She does the City at The Roosevelt Room for Manhattan Thursdays. The night had tons of conversation, some very cool people, and $5 martinis…the perfect vibe for a happy hour fix.

Manhattan Thursdays is a regular feature at The Roosevelt Room. I’ll definitely be back so come meet me for a drink next time.

The Roosevelt Room
2 Drummond Place (Off Adelaide, East of Peter)
PHONE: (416) 599-9000


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