Toronto’s first Forum for Fabulousness

Divas in the City: June 3rd at The Spoke Club. Be there!

She’s got the upwardly mobile 9-5, company blackberry, one bedroom plus den, Pilates class pass and a weak spot for VIP sample sales. Everything is good on paper, but she’s searching for something more…and that’s not code for “boyfriend”. Call it meaning, passion or joie de vivre: She wants to be Diva-fied.

  • Are you living it large with fabulous Coach bags and Manolos but worried about making mortgage payments?
  • Does grandma bug you about when you’ll “settle down?”
  • Are some men intimidated by your success?
  • Do you play “nice” at work because you fear being called a bitch?
  • Are lifestyle differences (friends in the burbs) making friendships harder to maintain?
  • Have you hit a plateau in your fitness regime

Divas in the City presents the city’s first Forum for Fabulousness. This event is an opportunity to join forces with other women who revel in their strengths and stay true to their values. Divas in the City is a socially driven, goal-directed event that will feature seven experts in areas that are essential to the urban woman’s lifestyle:

1. Money- Divas & Money

Did you come up short for last month’s rent/mortgage after that sample sale?

2. Food- Divas & Nutrition

Is “diet” part of your daily vocabulary?

3. Fashion- Divas and Style

Are you bored of your style and wanting to personalize your look?

4. Purpose – Divas and Goal Setting

Does the term “Goal Setting” remind you of a cheesy exercise from corporate HQ?

5. Fitness- Divas and Physical Health

Do you keep your gym membership solely out of guilt

6. Sex- Divas and Relationships

Does it feel like they lied when they told you women “peak at 35”?

7. Beauty – Divas and Self Care

Is your “beauty regime” limited to lip-gloss and mascara application in the rear view mirror?

Our fabulous Presenters & Seminars include:

  • Tara U. Dawood Esq. CEO, Dawood Capital Management Ltd. LADIESFUND™ Flirting with Finances: Get Your Sexy Out
  • Dr. Kristin Heins. Naturopathic Doctor, Current Health and Wellnessoperating with Urban Health Group Eat Your Heart Out: The Diva’s Guide to Health and Happiness with Food
  • Sarah Robichaud. Trainer & CBS Fitness Expert, Dancing with Parkinsons Getting Fit Without Hitting the Gym

Divas in the Citythriving in the opera of urban life.

Event Details

Date: Thursday June 3, 2010

Time: 6-10:30PM

Location: THE SPOKE CLUB, Gallery, 600 King St W, Toronto, ON (4th floor)

The Investment:

$55/ticket.  $60/ticket (after Fri, May 21st)

Groups of 4+ Divas: $45/ticket

DivaGirl Licensees & Members: $39/ticket (discount code required)
*Each Diva receives a gift bag.

Purchase tickets online at

For more information, please visit

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact
For media opportunities, please contact

Are we having fun yet?

Shop Socials is a proud sponsor of Divas in the City!  Hope to see you there!


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