Get to know Natalie at I Heart Accessories

Natalie Colalillo (owner) really hearts accessories!

Q: What’s in a name? How’d you come up with “I Heart Accessories”?

A: I wanted the name to be personal, but also something other women could relate to.  I’ve always been in love with buying and wearing accessories because you can do so much with some fab pieces and a simple wardrobe, and I wanted to attract other women who feel the same.  The very first day I opened my boutique, my first customer walked through the door with the most excited expression on her face and said “You think YOU heart accessories? I HEART accessories!” At that moment, I knew I chose the right name.

Q: What kind of clientele does I Heart Accessories cater to?

A: I Heart Accessories caters to the trend-loving, price-conscious female who enjoys having fun with fashion.  We have women of all ages who just can’t resist shopping here because our accessories are fabulous and our prices are so reasonable.  We even have quite a few men who have made us their go-to shop for buying gifts for their gals.

Q: What are your favourite accessory trends this season?

Straw Fedora's $24 each

1. Fedoras: Our Spring/Summer Fedoras are so hot right now, and are so versatile.  The colourful, straw styles we carry can be worn shopping in the city, or lounging on the beach.

Statement ring - $16

2. Statement Rings: The bigger the better. With so many fun styles and colours to choose from, it’s impossible to not fall in love with big rings this season. Pair one up with a cute pair of earrings and a sun dress, and you’re ready for Summer!

Oversized floral headband - $24

3. Headbands: I’m loving them in all shapes and sizes from the skinny, studded type to the over-sized rose band, and they’re the perfect finishing touch to any outfit – day or night.

Q: Who’s your style icon?

SJP & Zooey in the 2006 film, Failure to Launch. Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

A: If Sarah Jessica Parker and Zooey Deschanel had a Love Child, she would be my style icon. I love the fashion- forward look S.J.P can effortlessly pull off, and the retro-indie-cuteness that Z.D has fun with.

Q: What’s your favourite piece in-store today?

A: It’s REALLY hard to choose just one, but I just recently got in a new shipment of watches, and bought one for myself because I loved it so much. It’s a Man-Watch made feminine and comes in 4 finishes – white, black, gold and silver. I had to have the white as it’s just too perfect for everything Summer! (We agree!)


Come check out this little bit of accessories heaven on Thursday, May 20th. You’ll get to meet Natalie and save 20% – 50% off all items in store plus get a special gift with purchase when you spend $60 or more.

Shopping After Dark
7 PM – 9 PM
Meet up at Cam’s Place
2665 Yonge Street

We’ll visit the boutique in small groups with plenty of time to enjoy the three C’s (cocktails, convo, canapes) in our private saloon at Cam’s while we wait. Tickets are $10 and include a welcome cocktail, canapes, the chance to win some fabulous prizes and swag from CK Underwear, Pur Minerals, and Cargo Cosmetics (we don’t mean samples). Arrive early to be eligible for door prizes!

Visit the Shop Socials website for info or buy tickets now!

P.S. If you’d like to stroll by to see what all the fuss is about, you’re more than welcome. RSVP to and you can enjoy $5 cocktails and join us in our private shopping adventure. Of course complimentary drinks, canapes and swag are for ticket holders exclusively but if you play nice we can sell you one at the door.


One thought on “Get to know Natalie at I Heart Accessories

  1. Great BIO Natalie, hope Thursday night is a great success for you!! Sounds like it’s going to be a blast….. I am so disappointed that I will miss your ‘soiree’… keep me posted for any other future event and I promise I will alter my schedule to accommodate the event… ❤ ❤ Mary … PS: will be thinking of YOU!!

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