Sneak inside Heidi*Ho2

The storefront at Heidi*Ho 2

From a jewelry kiosk at Yorkdale, to a goregous little boutique on Yonge Street, shop owner, Heidi’s retail establishment has grown by leaps and bounds. We’ll get to meet her in person on June 10th when Shopping After Dark visits Heidi*Ho 2, but in the meantime, here’s a bit of a backgrounder on Heidi and her fabulous boutique.


Q: What’s in a name? How’d you come up with “Heidi*Ho 2”?

The origins are quite simple. My name is Heidi, and this was my second location. So I went with Heidi Ho 2. The first location (a Yorkdale kiosk) is no longer in operation.

Q: What kind of clientele does Heidi*Ho 2 cater to?

Women of all ages, but we do get a lot of yummy mummy types. (We’re guessing they love sporting the stylish but casual pieces that Heidi has in store.)

Q: What are your favourite trends this season?

White Dress, Totem, $135

Heidi didn’t really have a favourite trend this season but we definitely love white for summer. This breezy white dress from Totem was our fave.

Q: What’s your favourite piece in-store today?

Purple cotton tank, Bobi.

It’s too hard to choose just one piece in the store but I do have a favourite line. Bobi is a classic cotton line with a kick that I really love. (us too!)


You can explore Heidi*Ho 2 with us on June 10th plus shop with an exclusive 10% discount and enjoy our Shopping After Dark standards like bevvies, sweet treats and swag!

Shopping After Dark at Heidi*Ho 2
Thursday June 10, 2010
2591 Yonge Street
7 PM – 9 PM

Get tickets and info at


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