Oh, Stella!

As shop socialites, we have a tendency to fall deeply, dramatically and head over heels in love at least 5 times per month over some fabulous fashionable find. Usually the moment is fleeting, a brief impulse of “I NEED IT, I WANT IT!” but often, some other shiny thing will catch our eye and the moment is gone. Sometimes though, the passion is lasting and ladies, that’s how we feel about Stella & Dot, the most fashion-forward jewellery  collection (and business model) to hit direct sales.

Stella & Dot in July's In Style

This brand was born a few years ago  in California, and though it’s relatively new in Canada, it’s been making magazine editors and celebs swoon over the trend-setting, very wearable collection that focuses on gorge statement pieces, versatile layering pieces and understated everyday staples that work with a range of looks. Yes, this costume jewellery, but there is nothing cheap about it. Sterling silver, gold vermeil, high quality crystals, hand-stitched beading, semi-precious stones and an accomplished Chief Creative Officer mean that these pieces will endure!

Besides the gorge styling, there are 4 major reasons that we heart Stella & Dot.

1. Save for the odd larger shopping event, Stella & Dot is typically shown in private trunk shows for everyday socialites, just like us!

2. Hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show gets you $100s in free jewellery and the chance to shop at 50% off

3. The biz model offers entrepreneurial women the opportunity to start their own business for a super-low investment.

4. The consultants are FABULOUS and so not your stereotypical pushy direct sales types but rather ladies who love shopping and socializing just as much as you do.

So….how can you get your polished paws on free jewellery? It’s SO easy! Shop Socials Girls Nite In connects you with your very own Stella & Dot Independent Stylist who will come to your social gathering absolutely FREE.  This doesn’t HAVE to be a lavish affair either. Have the girls over for coffee, have us stop by the office for lunch or even have an online party (no dirty dishes required). Whatever your preference, you reap seriously stylish rewards.

A few of my favourite looks:

Leather beaded Cortez Bib Necklace by Stella & Dot, sale $65.60

Layered Stella & Dot bracelets, $32 - $66

If parties REALLY aren’t your thing (but as a social, how could they not be?), or you need a quick fix, order online and have your order shipped for just $10.95 flat ($5.95 when you host a party)! So…affordable and SO fabulous and right now there are TONS of pieces on sale at 25% – 50% off with an ADDITIONAL 20% off today only.

Learn more about Stella & Dot and Shop Socials Girls Nite In.


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