Inside the Fashion Closet: beauty for real

Shop Socials and DivaGirl Inc. are proud to feature beauty for real in the fashion closet at Divalicious 2!

beauty for real is a wonderfully modern new make up company that focuses on simple and straightforward products with truly elegant and easy to use formulas, essential and wearable colors and innovative packaging that’s both fun and practical. New to Canada, Divalicious 2 is proud to debut this line in Toronto. Divas and socialites alike will love their signature product, See The Light! Illuminating Lip Gloss.

This formula is like no other! It’s loaded with plant-derived antioxidants like green tea and grape seed extracts delivering outstanding regenerative properties and anti-aging capabilities, as well as aloe vera and avocado oil that are full of essential vitamins, are antibacterial and are highly emollient.

Available in nine beautiful shimmering shades that compliment all skin tones and stay true after application. This formula contains a groundbreaking lip plumper that feels cool and refreshing when applied. Marine collagen infuses lips with plumping benefits, leaving lips full and luscious.

The best part? The super high-tech package with a convenient mirror and LED lights in the cover that illuminate lips when applying, for an easy, perfect application on the go! Lights are easily turned on and off with button on the lid. The battery life is 48 continuous hours or 6 months with everyday use. Can also be used as a mini flashlight in your handbag!

Discover and shop beauty for real at Divalicious 2. Get those tickets now ladies! It’s gonna be a blast.


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