Strike a P.O.S.E. at Divalicious 2

Shop Socials and DivaGirl Inc. are proud to include P.O.S.E. among our fabulous vendors at Divalicious 2.

An original, Latin dance troupe, P.O.S.E. (otherwise known as Passion Obsession Salsa Expression) brings grace, passion, fire, and imagination to the dance floor. Moving to the urban beats of reggaeton, classic rhythms of the conga drum, and the upbeat tempos of salsa, P.O.S.E. mix and match a variety of styles. Using creativity and experience, fusing hip hop, jazz, salsa, Brazilian samba, and contemporary, we have created our own entertaining style!  Dance classes, private lessons, choreography, Femme-Femme Fetes, and shows that will be sure to entertain you.

Visit P.O.S.E. at Divalicious 2 and find out about their amazing classes and shows that will give you a touch of latin fever. Get your tickets now ladies, it’s going to be a blast.


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