Lashing Out

The quest for luscious lashes is pretty common among socialites.  We don extensions, falsies, and mascaras promising the ultimate doe-eyed effect. Of course, you can get that glam look with the aforementioned aides, but imagine longer, fuller lashes NATURALLY? It almost seems like an urban legend.

Myth or not, I’m game to give natural lash growth products a try, so it was super exciting to receive a sample of the newest lash growth product on the market, LASHEM Measurable Difference Lash Gel.

4 week timelapse from

LASHEM promises longer, thicker and stronger lashes with results in just two weeks using a dual-patented formula that contains cucumber, gogi berry, cranberry and grape seed extracts (for hydration, healing and nourishment) along with green tea, hydrolized wheat protein  (for stength and shine) and vitamin B (for moisture). The product is opthalmologist tested, cruelty-free, and contains no parabens or prostaglandin.

Using it is simple with the wand applicator. You just glide it on in a single stroke at the base of your lashes, just like applying your fave liquid liner. Apply once per day (evenings recommended) and you’re on your way to lovely lashes.

I’ll give it a try starting tonight and track our results just for you. FYI this product can also be used on eyebrows and since I’ve always had sparse brows I’ll be applying there as well.

Here are my lashes & brows at day 1:

Can’t wait to see the results.

If you’re already sold, you can get a 90 day supply of LASHEM on sale  for just $49.99 USD + plus shipping online at Big Cartel (reg. $85 USD). Don’t forget to post your results on facebook to share.


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