Lashing Out: The Verdict

So a few weeks ago I received a sample of  LASHEM Measurable Difference Lash Gel and decided to test it out. Four weeks later and I have to say it WORKS!

Now my pics are really sucky (bad lighting, focus etc.), but even in these not so great pics you can see that my brows are a little less sparse and my lashes are a bit longer. It’s really subtle to see in the pics, but I swear much more noticeable in the flesh.

before using LASHEM

at week 4 using LASHEM

As I mentioned in the original post, this product is created with natural ingredients, is really easy to apply and I didn’t experience any discomfort (i.e. burning / itching) during use, so I plan to keep using until the sample is done and honestly, will probably purchase a full size version just for maintenance and to continue encouraging my brows to grow since I’ve never had a Brooke Shields moment in my life. Thanks so much to the lovely folks at LASHEM for hooking me up.

So that’s the verdict ladies, LASHEM rocks! Get some and get ready to bat those luscious lashes, darling.


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