Buh-Bye Botox!

Being newly 30 can kinda make you go crazy. Is that a wrinkle here? A gray strand there? And don’t get us started about those sagging [fill in the blank].

Yes, we’re being overly dramatic but aging and it’s impact on our appearance usually becomes more top of mind for all socialites as we reach the dirty thirties. 29 year-old, socialite / reality-star, Kim Kardashian, admitted to being worried about lines and wrinkles and suffered a bit of a Botox blunder when she got injections on a recent episode of her reality show. All jokes aside, injecting poisons into ones face or choosing to have a major surgery just for simple vanity, seems a little extreme in our books so we’re always shopping for safer alternatives to maintaining our youthful looks.

Image courtesy of popcrunch.com

Imagine our bliss when the lovely owners at La’Dira  Hair and MedSPA contacted us to take a tour of their recently opened facilities. This unassuming but quaint uptown day spa located on Yonge, just north of Eglington, offers a fountain of youth through non-invasive beauty technologies (read: zero needles, scalpels, or toxic substances involved) . Their full service menu is extensive, offering services that can rejuvenate your looks from head to toe. You can literally walk out looking younger, firmer and gorgeous, making it the perfect place to visit prior to hitting this week’s TIFF red carpet events.

Here are the services we’re psyched to try:

Radio Frequency (RF) Body Contouring and Thermal Detox Wraps for weight loss and body shaping sans Liposuction. Perfect for tightening tummies, smoothing thighs and firming the booty.

RF Body Contouring on cellulite, $150 per treatment

RF Skin Tightening so we can officially say farewell to any thoughts of trying Botox or other fillers. Somebody should’ve told Kim  about this but we won’t make her mistake.

RF Skin Tightening in the Eye Area, starting at $125 per treatment

Again on the facial front, we’re intrigued by Diamond Microdermabrasion and Pure Oxygen Hydrating Facials, both of which reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize enlarged pores, reduce pigmentation issues, and give skin a more radiant appearance and youthful appearance. (More proof that diamonds are a girls best friend.)

Last but not least, we might check out their eyelash perms using Japan 3D technology. The concept  might sound completely crazy until you see how the results subtly lift the lashes giving the appearance of length and a more wide-eyed look without having to fumble with an eyelash curler each morning.

Japan 3D Eyelash Perm lasts 4 - 10 weeks, $65

The most amazing thing about La’Dira is that it offers these highly advanced beauty technologies at amazingly affordable prices. Take, for example, the aforementioned oxygen facial. A posh dermatology clinic we checked out in Yorkville offers this service starting at $200 per treatment, while La’Dira’s own 45 minute service is just $85! Is it a lesser service? Absolutely NOT! The difference is La’Dira is committed to making beauty technology a luxury every woman can afford and as everyday socialites, we can definitely appreciate that!  It is true that most beauty technology treatments are NOT permanent and a series of treatments are often required for best results and maintenance. However, we have been assured that the more youthful your skin is prior to treatment, the fewer treatments you need now and in the years to come. We like the sound of that!

Try La’Dira’s services with exclusive discounts for The Socialite Card cardholders:

Treatment Reg. TSC Offer
RF Cellulite Treatment/ Body Conturing 45 mins $150.00 $89.00
Breast non surgical lifting 45 mins $150.00 $89.00
Diamond Microdermabrasion 60 mins $135.00 $79.00
Chemical Peel 30 mins $65.00 $49.00
Pure Oxygen Hydrating Treatment 60 mins $145.00 $98.00
RF Injection-free Face tightening 50 mins $185.00 $129.00
Japan 3D Eyelash Perm $65.00 $45.00
FREE protein and oil Hair Spa treatment (reg. $25) with any hair cut.
FREE Hair Spa treatment plus $15 spa credit with any chemical hair service.

*Offer applicable on first treatment only. Card must be presented to receive offer.

Get The Socialite Card today for only $30 and enjoy savings at:

La’Dira Hair & MedSPA
2481A Yonge Street | 416.485.2225

p.s. Learn more about RF Body Contouring at their free seminar and demonstration on Wednesday, September 22nd (rsvp via phone) and join our guest list for details on an upcoming exclusive event at La’Dira hosted by Shop Socials.

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