Shop Guilt-Free with The NEW Socialite Card

It’s tough to be an everyday socialite. We have Dom P. & caviar tastes, but sometimes have to settle for  sparkling wine and shrimp cocktail. No matter though, we know posh is 100% about attitude and creativity, and that there are a few ways to live the luxe life to which we aspire, without going broke.

Enter The Socialite Card, Shop Socials NEW members-only discount card designed with you in mind. Membership is just $30 for a 6 month trial and each month we’ll scour the city to offer you freebies, discounts and gifts at socialite-approved shops, e-tailers, beauty service providers, spas, events, and more, to help you enjoy life as an everyday socialite without the guilt that sometimes comes with being just a little self-indulgent. You’ll also receive VIP treatment, discounts and special perks at Shop Socials shopping series events, and discounted tickets to Shop Socials larger productions and sponsored events. Plus, you’ll be able to buy into the full year membership in 2011 for half price.

Here are our launch offers to give you a taste of what The Socialite Card will bring throughout the trial period, and a glimpse into what the full program will include in 2011:


d a c e kent dress

Lipsy London dress at Seraphic

Audrey Cluster, Stella & Dot


September Giveaway sponsored by I Heart Accessories


  • WIN these gorgeous earrings from I Heart Accessories in our exclusive members-only giveaway for September. We’ll offer a new prize each month from I Heart Accessories and other fabulous sponsors for cardholders only.


Jewellery at Drysdale & Co.



  • Private events for Cardholders only
  • Opportunities to get paid as a member of our Social Committee
  • Offers exclusively for our jet-set socialites at partner programs across Canada

Remember, these are just a few of our opening offers and we’ll be adding new benefits all the time as we finalize details from our amazing partners. There are tons of discount cards and sites out there, but The Socialite Card is the only program that let’s you pay a flat rate for unlimited savings, focuses on getting you the deepest discounts on the products and services you want, and basically pays back your member-fee, almost immediately with gift cards and freebies!

We know you’ll love to draw The Socialite Card every time you want to indulge, but here’s the thing, we need YOU, our everyday socialites to jump on board so we can secure the best offers just for you!  We can only offer this trial membership for a limited time (2011 isn’t that far off) so BUY your card today to start living the luxe life you love with Shop Socials.

p.s. A HUGE thank you to our launch offer partners. On behalf of our league of everyday socialites, we thank you!

*FYI – Some conditions apply to freebies and discounts. Visit our website for details.


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