Dreaming Up Bridal Style

As this year’s wedding season comes to a close, the new crop of 2011 brides are just beginning their wild ride. We hate to admit it (since we’ve already walked down the aisle), but we’re a tad green with envy. With all the events that will come her way in the coming months, the bride-to-be has license to shop her heart out with a perfectly valid excuse on hand to justify her splurges. It’s a shop socialite’s dream come true!

To alleviate that small twinge of jealousy, we’ve decided to ditch reality and play virtual dress-up dreaming up would-be bridal looks featuring gorgeous costume couture jewellery by Stella & Dot.

Bridal Style by Shop Socials featuring Stella & Dotclick here to take a closer look on Polyvore.com

Love the jewels? ( Of course you do). Why not host a free Shop Socials Girls Night In featuring Stella & Dot just to see the collection up close, or  better yet, in honour of the bride-to-be in your circle. It can be a great ice-breaker for bridal parties that don’t know each other well, a simple party just to celebrate her pending nuptials, or a fun way for the bride to start thinking about how she’ll accessorize for the year’s events. The hostess (or the blushing bride) gets $100s in free jewellery through Stella & Dot’s hostess rewards program, which is really just the icing on an already very delicious cake. Considering budget is probably on every bride’s mind, we can’t think of a better (or more stylish) gift.

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