Fall Must-haves from The Clothing Show

On Sunday after braving ridiculous traffic and detours, we made it into The Clothing Show with just one hour to spare. In the frantic shopping that ensued, I managed to find two local brands I will lust all season.

Ophelie Hats are Montreal-based wholesalers of the most stylish hats and hairpieces I’ve seen in a while. The vintage inspired shapes included pillboxes, cloches and veiled bibi styles that literally had us salivating. The show special, Buy 1, Get 1 50% off was so tempting but I really couldn’t make up my mind that quickly.  In hindsight I wish I snapped up these styles:

Pink wool Bibi with layered circle cutouts, $ 84.00

Cream felt cloche with raw silk band and beading, $86.00

Gazar Silk Pleated Oval Headband, $51.00

Another line that has me feeling a twinge of  “why didn’t I buy that” remorse is Kittens & String Accessories. Their necknots are stylish patterned fabric necklaces that can be worn as singled, doubled or even tripled necklaces,  scarves, cowls, headbands and really, whatever style your creativity dictates. They retail online for $35 USD but they were just $30 at the show.

Necknot shown worn long and loose

Necknot shown twisted and worn short

So the moral of the story…shopping adventures can’t happen in the course of an hour when there are so many fabulous things to shop from. We barely had time to say hi to friends from Damn Heels (loved seeing the new metallic styles), Headmistress (fur cuffs are to die for), Sassy Peacock and missed Samantha Stoncius and a few others altogether after getting lost in the vintage.

Oh, and for those wondering if I did manage to get anything? Yes…a vintage mens tweed blazer that I’ll throw over whatever’s clever this fall for $15.


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