Inside the Beauty Shop: La’Dira Hair & MedSpa

Last week I was treated to an amazing oxygen facial, radio frequency skin tightening treatment and hair spa treatment by the lovely ladies at La’Dira Hair & MedSpa. Before I delve deep into the magic that occurred, I have to preface this post by saying I’ve never been big on facials. I always felt like my home spa ritual of steam, exfoliate and masque did the trick and was well within budget. This experience completely changed my tune.

Here’s how my time at La’Dira went:

After hopping onto the treatment table, Kate, tucked me in nice and cozy under blankets and began the thorough treatment process.

First, my skin was gently cleansed. Then an enzyme masque of papaya and pineapple was applied. All facial products used were from a french line called Phytomer and smelled divine. The products are also available to purchase for home use which is great for at-home spa girls like myself.

Next, a thin film was placed over my skin and my face was wrapped in a warm towel to allow the enzymes to deeply penetrate my skin. After a blissful steam, a Phytomer serum was applied and it was time to analyze the my skin to determine the level of hydration. Kate complimented me on my well hydrated skin and good genes (thanks, Mom!), but promised me it would get even better.

After a thick application of collagen masque, Kate began using an airbrush like tool to force 99% pure oxygen into my pores.  The process is totally painless and feels like somebody blowing cool air in short bursts close to your skin.

Here’s a glimpse at the machine:

After the oxygen facial my skin was brighter and the tone was much more even, but I still wasn’t finished being pampered. Kate switched to  the radio frequency (RF) skin tightener on my face just to show me what it felt like. RF tightening is the injection  free and non-surgical way to firm skin on your face, tummy, and other problem spots. It sounds scary but is actually just a hand-held tool that emits a tiny bit of heat. It  feels like a nice warm massage.

Here’s Kate programming the machine for my treatment below and a close of up the different tools that are used depending on the part of body you’d like to firm up.

I’m 30 and not in serious need of skin firming quite yet and Kate actually thought my skin was youthful enough that the RF effects wouldn’t be noticed. Boy, was she wrong! After using the RF tool on half of my face you could see a lift (very subtle, of course) and when she finished the treatment on both sides, I actually looked like I lost a bit of weight since my jaw was more refined. The under eye bags that are a product of my hectic life were also much less noticeable, and best of all my overall skin tone was just radiant and baby soft.  I actually looked like I was wearing foundation and concealer without a stitch of make-up. Amazing!

One thing I really love is that unlike most facials, if I had wanted to put on a full face of make-up after this treatment, there were be no problems with break outs or irritation at all. Kate reassured me that make-up actually sits better on your skin since you have a more even and hydrated base and that both RF and Oxygen facial treatments are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

I spent the last hour at La’Dira getting my tresses pampered with hair stylist  K.B. She gave me a shampoo with their in-house lavender shampoo, applied a rich protein treatment and set me under the dryer for a steam. The aromatherapy effects of the products alone left me über relaxed. To top it all off she give me a great blow-out and finished my hair with the flat-iron.  I think I might have left literally walking on air and I’ll definitely be back since Kate promises that treatments every 4 – 6 weeks can literally stop the hands of time for your skin anyway.


La’Dira Hair & MedSpa is located at 2481A Yonge Street (North of Eglinton). Their 30 minute oxygen facials start at $85 and RF treatments start $125. This is already quite affordable compared to other local MedSpa rates where treatments can run double the price, but you can try a 30 minute oxygen facial and complimentary skin analysis absolutely FREE when you purchase The Socialite Card.

We’ve got a LIMITED number of spa certificates available for the next lovelies who purchase the six-month membership . With an $85 value plus access to all our other partner offers, this certificate pays for your card and then some! Even if you miss the freebies, The Socialite Card offers discounts on a wide range of services at La’Dira Hair & MedSpa including amazing deals on oxygen facials, RF treatments and free hair spa treatments.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get that Socialite Card and start saving on these amazing treatments. I promise you’ll be hooked, I certainly am.


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