Closet Encounters of the Holiday Kind

A few weeks ago I had the house to myself. With Hubby away to see a football game and Bambi with her grandparents, I had the perfect opportunity to tear apart my closet without judgement. This wasn’t frivolous fun though, I was on a mission to create a few holiday-esque outfits that I could wear with ease and since I had just scooped some fabulous treasures at a UK Sample Sale, there was no time like the present. Excuse the strangely cropped photos and unnecessary props (like my laundry basket), I literally had these outfits spread across my bedroom floor in a collage of clothing.

Casual Party / Entertaining at Home

I need a pair of tights and ballet flats to complete this one but I kind of love the busy floral top (which is actually a lyrcra dress) that I paired with this comfy grey skirt I got for nothing at Target on a run to the States. It’s just a comfy, relaxed look and adding the La Coco Cupchain Necklace from Stella & Dot dresses it up.

Girls Night Out

This halter harem pant jumper from River Island is UK sample sale find… I won’t even tell you how cheap. I’ll wear it next time me and my girlies hit the town though I think I could also throw on a boyfriend blazer or a sweater and wear it to a few other events too. Tons of stacked Stella & Dot bracelets were in order and long dangly earrings.

LBD for Networking and Other Professional Affairs

I got this great LBD at the sample sale as well for $40. A little pricier but it’s fully lined and I didn’t have one that hits below the knee. It sort of reminds me of The Original Jackie O dress from Poor Little Rich Girl. I love it but $495 doesn’t fit my new business owner salary. Layers of chains and baubles are fun but of course the beauty of the LBD is that you can do anything. I’m going to get suggestions from Style Coach, Tamara Glick, tomorrow at The Socialite Mixer.

My Cocktail Frock

I love this black & white one shouldered dress. It was only $50 on sale at Dollfactory by Damzels in Leslieville and  It even has pockets! Normally I stay away from necklaces with a neckline like this but I kind of love my Stella & Dot jet-faceted beads and maltese brooch with it since it adds a bit of colour.

Christmas Colours

Unfortunately the camera doesn’t do this cute little tulip skirt justice. The shape is so sweet and it’s got a great brocade texture. I don’t think I want to wear it with the blazer…too uncomfortable for Christmas day travels, but I do think I’ll pair it with gold to stay festive.

New Year’s Maybe?

This pant suit fits SO fabulously well that the sample sale owner gave it to me for $10. I am not lying! I may wear it with a blazer to a few other occasions but I’m thinking it might be fun to enjoy New Years without freezing my legs off. I think I want a different colour belt so that’s now on the shopping list.

There we have it, a sample of what I’ll be wearing this holiday season. Am I the only crazy person who plans in advance for the holiday season? If not, share your pre-planned looks on the Shop Socials facebook fan page and perhaps we can help you finalize your holiday outfits and remember if you’re in the Mississauga area tomorrow to join me for The Socialite Mixer so you can get your accessories wardrobe planned with some professional insight.


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