Fresh Baked Goods at Gifted & Glam

I must confess. I love baked goodies. I can ignore a pack of chips for days, but put me face-to-face with a chewy chocolate chip cookie and I’m powerless, especially when they’re homemade (not by me). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a terrible baker but I have nothing on the  pros who specialize in homestyle  baking. They look and taste like my grandmomma made them, but no manicure was harmed in the process. At Gifted & Glam you can totally pretend you slaved over a hot oven with delectable treats that taste like homemade perfection from our Bake Shop vendors. Imagine, completing your list, coming home with a gift for yourself and having a ready made dessert to bring to dinner later…it’s all possible this weekend. We’ve even got the vegan and gluten intolerant covered!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the goodies our  bake shop beauties are creating:

Sweet & Savoury: Sugar cookies & almond lace cookies with dark chocolate


Lovin From The Oven: Egg Nog Madeleines


Mary’s Cake & Cookie Creations: Unwrap These Biscotti Gifts


Girnola: Vegan and gluten free truffles in 3 varieties. (Almond Kiss is my favourite)


This is just a small sample of what you’ll shop on December 11th and 12th  at our holiday pop-up, Gifted & Glam. See more vendors online at and get ready to cross of everyone on your list. Don’t forget you also get FREE GIFTS just for coming and there’s the hot cocoa bar to enjoy, yum! Be warned: your freshly baked goods might not make it home.


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