Hop On That Bicyclette

Our events are done for 2010 but that doesn’t mean we’ll leave you wanting for fabulous places to shop. With that in mind, let us be the first to recommend you check out the Bicyclette Holiday Pop-Up Shop located at 972 Queen Street West. Open for business at noon TODAY and in town just in time for last minute holiday shopping and New Year’s Eve frocking, Bicyclette tops our where to shop list, simply because it’s set to vanish just before the ball drops.

We loved having a petite Bicyclette Boutique at Gifted & Glam last weekend, and spied a few items that are definitely on our wish lists including:

Sublime snow bunny ear muffs


and… a pearl studded angora tunic

We’re also pretty excited to see tons of new local luxe designers on the scene including Lauren Elan who offers lovely pieces like The Abbey necklace shown below and we’re also smitten by ScarfParty.

There are tons of fabulous shops on the Queen West strip, but only this one will disappear very soon so be sure to make a point of checking it out. We promise you won’t be disappointed and if you really can’t make it before December 31st, go to www.shopbicyclette.ca to shop online now.


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