It’s Sample Sale Week for Bag Lovahs

Attention Socialites: If the right handbag could force you to into compromising circumstances (i.e. vowing to eat KD for a week to justify a purchase), please read this post with caution!

This week there are not one, but two amazing sample sales featuring Canadian designer bags at unheard of prices.

442 McAdam offers luxury leather bags at up to 70% off

Samples include some of their best sellers, including the Hobette above. It’s marked down to $162 from $325 . The buttery soft leather + chain link handles are total dealmakers. We’re wondering if some of the gorgeous SS2011 might fall into the pile. Totally worth the trip to find out.

Go to:

Heel Boy, 773 Queen Street West on Wednesday, January 26 or Thursday, January 27 between 10 AM – 9 PM


Nella Bella serves up bags and wallets at up to 80% off

You may have seen these vegan numbers in Capezio stores and a range of indie boutiques, but Friday’s sample sale promises waaaaaay better prices. Regular retail is $85 – $300 and when you take up to 80% off…do the math. Bad news is you may have to skip lunch or create an appointment *ahem* to make it there before 4 PM.

Go to:

401 Richmond Street, Suite 222 on Friday, January 28 between 10 AM – 4 PM.


Happy shopping lovelies…just try not to break those “saving” new year’s resolutions 😉



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