Decor Loves From HomeSense

Shopping for home decor lets you pick up a few small indulgences that can brighten a grey winter day so I popped into HomeSense a few weeks ago looking to spruce up my casa on the cheap. Of course, I fell in love with a few random things…

LOVE: The brightly coloured jars of these soy candles and the $4.99 price tag. There was a gorgeous magenta version that I didn’t photograph but ended up taking home. Love the lavender scent it imparts in my living room.


LOVE: The chandelier ‘look’ of this side lamp and the fact that no electrician is required.


LOVE: The scale and the camel hue of this fur cushion. Want it fire-side! It felt so soft and was around $60 so it might not have been faux.


LOVE: The quaint pattern of this settee. Little House On The Prairie Chic ;)! I believe it was under $600 too.


LOVE: These tufted patent parsons chairs for my mini-me. So cute. They were $59.99 and I had to talk myself out of buying her a dining set for future glam tea parties. She’s not event 2.

I think I forgot how much fun it is to window shop for home goods… officially dying to redecorate.


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