Healthy Indulgences: Girlnola & Hemp Bliss

The holidays left me with a  bit of a junk food hangover so I’m making a real attempt at getting back to eating healthier. It’s hard to curb cravings though, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m so tempted to chomp on every piece of chocolate I see. Luckily, I’ve found a snack that tastes (and looks) so good you almost forget it’s good for you.

Here’s what I’m snacking on:

Snack: Girlnola Truffles

Girlnola Almond Kiss Truffles are 80 calories each with 3.5 g of fat, 7.5 g of carbs and 2 g of protein per tasty truffle. They’re filled with “good for yous” including dates, prunes, quinoa, almond butter, cacao powder, sesame seeds, buckwheat, hemp seeds, cacao butter, agave, and chia seeds. A package of 3 is just $5.50 and honestly the texture and taste are pretty decadent considering there’s not an ounce of the traditional chocolate and heavy cream in a normal truffle. They’re 95% organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free and delicious.


Paired with: Hemp Bliss

Washing down my truffle treats is Hemp Bliss, an organic hemp beverage created by Manitoba Harvest that I came across accidentally. I got a sample at the National Women’s Show in November, sort of ignored / scoffed at the box, and didn’t work up the courage to open it until much later.  With only 60 calories per one cup serving (vs. 110 cal in skim) it’s full of the omegas and essential fatty acids and it’s a great source of protein, calcium and folic acid. As for taste, it’s slightly nutty and just a touch thinner than skim without being too watery. Ice cold, it’s really very refreshing and I far prefer it over soy or rice milk.

Visit the Girlnola and Manitoba Harvest sites to find out where you can shop for these products at store near you, or purchase them online and don’t be afraid to enjoy your Hemp Bliss in a champagne flute and line those truffles on a petit-four tray as health-conscious socialites do.

Do you have any healthy indulgences to share? Leave a comment or post your special treat on our facebook wall.


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