Ask The Expert: Zeda from MINGLE

What dating questions do YOU want to ask our dating expert, Zeda Ali from MINGLE events? She’ll be at La Tease to share her wealth of knowledge on dating dos and don’ts with us all. We think it will be interesting to find out answers on topics like:

  • How can body language affect our dates?
  • What are the top tips to creating a sexy, playful repartee with a new guy?
  • What are some new date ideas for couples who’ve been dating for a while?

Are there any questions that are burning your soul? Leave us a comment on the blog or facebook wall so we can have Zeda answer your questions but most of all…GET THOSE TICKETS NOW so you can hear Zeda’s advice live and have a fabulous time with Shop Socials and DivaGirl on February 9th.

Remember, Socialite Cardholders get $5 tickets. If you don’t have a card you can get one for free just by sharing a little info with us.


About Zeda

Zeda joined the MINGLE team during its inception in 2010. She has over seven years of experience working in the dating/relationship field. She started as a counsellor for the University of Torontos  Sexual  Education Centre (SEC). After that she hosted countless dating and singles events for a globaI company and then decided to move to MINGLE, first hosting events, then to designing events and offering dating advice to clients whenever they need it.


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