Trade Ben & Jerry For Sexy Food Therapy

Bad break-up? Enter pint of ice cream. Issues with the boss from hell? Start dialing up deep fried goodness. Comfort foods do provide comfort during stressful times or sad spells, but eating junk to make us feel better is far from healthy and really just leaves us feeling worse in the long run. Luckily we’ll have a little Sexy Food Therapy on Wednesday at La Tease to help us eat emotionally — the right way!

Melissa Ramos, founder of the Sexy Food Therapy, is a Chinese Medical Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist. Melissa began Sexy Food Therapy as a blog in 2008 and launched it as a full business in 2010. The Sexy Food Therapy approach emphasizes balance over perfection and encourages a love of food and life that is attainable. Ramos believes that by providing the right tools needed to emotionally eat the right way and without the guilt, a positive connection is made and amazing things begin to unfold not only physically but emotionally.

Melissa offers many fabulous events and personalized programs to learn to eat the Sexy Food Therapy way but none are quite as spectacular as her upcoming 10 day Italian retreat departing September 23, 2011 as part of her new Eat, Pray Love Retreat Series. Frontier Wine tours and Sexy Food Therapy have joined forces to create the ultimate in relaxation retreats. An inspirational and exceptional tour of the senses.

The itinerary: After two blissful days of spa treatments, participants will sit with Melissa and learn about the emotional connections to food, the importance of culinary simplicity and how to passionately reignite their souls using sexy creations. Participants will learn about and sample wines from local organic wineries and feel the infectious love and strength from the families who run them. Last but not least, they will head to the market and shop for fresh ingredients for the Italian cooking class.

Everything , with the exception of flights to and from Rome are covered in the package price that is just over $3000.  The package includes everything from food to transportation to lodging, cooking classes and expert advice, but excluding flights to and from Rome. Prices go up after March 31, 2011.

Come meet Melissa in person at La Tease to take in her amazing expert advice and learn about the upcoming retreat. We’ve got a few tickets left so GET YOURS!

**Remember, The Socialite Cardholders can attend for just $5 and you can get a card free by completing our feedback survey.**


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