Getting Fit With Friends: Anna’s Story

Still working on a weight loss resolution? Check out Anna’s story:


Do you agree that the start of a new year means that the gyms are busier, health products sell out faster and everyone has the word “diet” on their mind??

Last year in January, I made a committment with my best friend to hold each other accountable for our fitness and health regimine during the entire year. Turns out that it was the best pact I have ever made. We worked out together, planned meals together and helped each other out during the cravings and cheat days (which naturally happen for us ladies).

If you are looking to make 2011 your healthiest year ever then speak to a good friend or family member and commit to doing it together! Its not only fun but it keeps you on track!!! One of my favourite challenges that I do every 3 months with a group of friends is the RESET 5-Day Cleanse. This program allows you to kick-start your health program if you’ve gotten off route. Its a 5-day low glycemic / high fibre plan that literally “resets” your insulin levels helping to curb sugar and carb cravings while losing 3-8lbs in the first 5 days. On Day #6 you can plan your healthy low glycemic meals for the rest of the month with your new accountability partner!

Inside The RESET Kit: Shakes, bars, vitamins… So simple.

If you have 4 BFF’s who want to get healthy with you, you can each purchase a RESET Kit for $110! For Shop Socialites, we are offering the first 4 ladies who are committed to making 2011 their healthiest year yet, RESET Kits for $125 and free delivery!
What are you waiting for? Its time to make 2011 your healthiest and sexiest year ever!!!

**Note: RESET is socialite-approved! Tamika Auwai, Shop Socials President, tested the program last November and lost just over 7 lbs in five days!**


Anna Jonca graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business in 2007 and embarked on a 3-year journey across the globe working in Corporate Advertising Sales in Boston, Mexico City and Singapore. An entrepreneur at heart, she returned to Toronto and decided to launch her own business, Anchored Lifestyle. On a daily basis, Anna works with individuals who are looking to build additional income streams and helps clients get super healthy. She is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and loves to host Seminars/Events at The Spoke Club!

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