Fit That Dress with Fit Your Style

Trying to squeeze into the perfect dress for that special Valentine’s date? At La Tease we’ll let you in on a little secret shared by our friends at Fit Your Style. It’s the Fit Your Style Wrap.

This ultimate body applicator infused cloth wrap lets you tighten, tone, and shrink your problem areas in a simple, 45-minute application. It takes less than 3 minutes to put on, It’s fast, powerful, mess-free, affordable and best of all it really works!

The ultimate body applicator is different from other body wraps because it not only detoxes the fat cells but hydrates the skin to benefit the body both inside and out. For example one of the ingredients in the applicator is green tea extract. The active agent in green tea has been demonstrated to suppress inflammation and irritation and been shown to reduce cellulite. Green tea extract also has powerful anti-oxidant properties which play an important role in the prevention of cell damage. Anti-oxidants also help prevent or delay skin aging. And this is just one of the many active ingredients in our ultimate applicator that you are more then able to research and see for you the benefits verses a wrap that dehydrates the body.

Visit  our prestige sponsor, Fit Your Style, at La Tease to learn more and get your wrap on. We’ve still got a few tickets left so GET YOURS NOW!

**Remember, The Socialite Cardholders can attend for just $5 and you can get a card free by completing our feedback survey.**


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