A Healthy Shopping Addiction: Exercise TV

Like so many other busy socialites, we struggle with fitting in workouts during our hectic days. We also (like many other socialites) despise the gym. In a perfect world, we’d shimmy through bellydance, coax our joints into yoga postures, vent frustrations via kickboxing, and don leg warmers for a ballet booty…but who has the time?  Our latest obsession, Exercise TV, is a pretty fabulous and affordable solution.

Shop and download hundreds of workouts including dance, yoga, pilates, weight training and more as low as $1.99 or just use the freebies available on the site to create a custom workout.

You can even download entire fitness plans that spell out exactly what to do each day through an easy to follow schedule and of course, the DVDs are included.

If you can’t stand repetition, choose to become a premium member for $9.99 per month. That gives you unlimited access to the dvds and workout plans on the site. Choose a video that suits your mood and time crunch and off you go.

Of course, group fitness still has a place in our hearts, we are social butterflies, after all, but our wallets and schedules are kinda loving Exercise TV. If you choose to give it a whirl, let us know your favourite workouts and we’ll sweat along with you.


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