Help Us Pick Our New Logo Look

There comes time in the history of every start-up, when it’s time to move from D-I-Y to drawing in a team of fabulous experts to help you get the job done. Our logo was, admittedly, crafted by us and although it worked for a time, it’s not nearly as stylish as the brand we’re trying to build so we’re in need of a facelift! Lucky for us, we’ve got friends with talent. We called upon Clarice Gomes Designs to create a new look for Shop Socials logo and she gave us 6 variations to choose from. The only trouble is, sort of like picking that new LBD, we’re having a helluva time figuring out which one is our absolute favourite so we’d love your HONEST opinion.

Leave us a comment below or share your thoughts via facebook or twitter. We’d love some help making this decision a little easier.


8 thoughts on “Help Us Pick Our New Logo Look

  1. Decisions, decisions…(lol)…

    I like #4 best (with #2 and #3 close seconds). I agree with J’Ann…it took me a minute to realize the A was an A and not an E.

  2. I like #2 and #4, I agree the squiggle on the A does look like an e at first. I like the ticket hanging off. Color of Logo can change depending on your use. Love the updated logo! Love doing events with shop socials, they are awesome!

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