Luxe Moments Launch: Join Us!

It’s time to get LUXE ladies! Luxury lifestyle purveyor, Kharisma Luxe, is launching their new Luxe Moments Loyalty Program for women on Thursday October 20th at 7pm at the wondrous Hammam Spa, 602 King Street West, between Bathurst and Spadina in Toronto. This new program is designed to inspire women to embrace luxurious moments in their ever so busy schedules by offering incentives through their preferred partners that range from spas to boutiques to restaurants and much more. Of course, Shop Socials is counted amongst their preferred partners and we’re offering $2400 in free gifts annually to members to be used on our chauffeured shopping excursions…just saying. It’s a fabulous program!

Luxe Moments also offers its members events, networking opportunities, and fabulous workshops to not only up their repertoire, but to treat themselves to the finer things in life.

Luxe Moments also offers rewards points, which are accumulated points tallying up events and activities attended, which can be used towards luxe goodies in the future. Not to mention, in joining the luxe movement you are proudly helping to sponsor the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Also, alongside a great experience and a good deed, is the perks of carrying around your Luxe Moments Gold Card. This card embodies the luxe lifestyle, and adds to any women’s status one stiletto at a time.

For complimentary tickets to join us at Thursday’s launch party at Hamman, click here. Be sure to RSVP by the deadline (tomorrow). See you there!


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