5 Reasons To Book A Shop Socials Excursions NOW

December is here and chances are, you’ll be celebrating the holidays with your girlfriends this month. You may choose to entertain at home, hit the town for cocktails and dinner, or unwind from the stress of the season at your favourite spa.
These are all fabulous girly gatherings, of course, but…imagine doing something just a little bit different, something a little more memorable, and imagine you’re not spending too much more for that indulgence. This is what we offer through Shop Socials Excursions and we’d love to make your holidays sparkle with the experience of chauffeured shopping.
Here are 5 reasons to consider booking this month:
  1. Enjoy all the holiday party but none of the clean-up.
  2. Save on gas and parking.
  3. Sip cocktails without worry over designated driver duties.
  4. Bond with your best gals (and guys) over a unique experience.
  5. Put a dent in your holiday gift shopping at newly discovered boutique gems.
If you can’t imagine what a “shopping excursion” entails. Take a peek at our coverage on CityNews.
C’mon! How much fun might this be for your group? Call 416-574-2525 and let us help you celebrate the holiday season in style!

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