Cheers to YOU for 2012!

2011 marks another amazing year at Shop Socials, and of course, I couldn’t do it (and wouldn’t do it) without you and countless others!

I count myself as privileged to have shopped and socialized with close to 1000 lovelies at 5 events: La Tease, The Spring Mixer, Hot for Hope, Divalicious 3 and Eco Goddess.  I was honoured to bring those events to life with great partners, sponsors, vendors and interns.  I feel immensely grateful that changes to the business (out with the socialite card, in with Shop Socials Excursions) were met with great support. I feel blessed to see Shop Socials recognized in the media. I am humbled to be asked to share my style and shopping advice through speaking, guest blogging and now as a regular contributor on The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide. Thank you to each and every person who consciously or unconsciously helped Shop Socials grow this year.

It’s been an awesome year for me but here comes a new one, and I want to pay it forward by dedicating it to you. My theme  for 2012 is…

“How can Shop Socials best serve YOU?”

I’m working on the answer and so far it includes:  better online content and richer shopping experiences. In a nutshell I want to provide you with better shopping “tools” you can use without leaving your house and more exciting things to do when you venture outside. Suggestions are welcome, but otherwise I do hope you stay tuned for the changes that await.

Wishing you the best in life, love and shopping for 2012!




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