Gala Style on a Dime

Every once in a while I get the opportunity to get totally dolled up and I have to admit, I’m usually guilty of spending waaaaaaay too much. Last weekend I had a gala to attend and I just had to share “my style” because  I figured out how to  pull off a designer look for under $200. Here’s what I wore:

 Stella & Dot Serenity Necklace, $208

Stella & Dot Jules Ring, $54 + H&M Clutch, $30

Badgley Mischka Peplum Dress, $600 + Zara Cobalt Peep Toes, $60

So you’re thinking … add those all up for a total that’s  just shy of $1000. WHOA! So could this ring in at under $200?

Here’s the secret:  First, I rented my lovely dress for just $90 at Rent frock Repeat. It’s totally gorgeous, but how many times can one rock a peplum stunner like this, really?  The rental was on sale, plus I had a discount code for completing a customer survey. Just one of the benefits to signing up to be a member and it’s free.

Next, the jewellery, I’ll be honest, was a borrow from my lovely Stella & Dot Stylist, Abena Perryman…but I  will get them for free when I host a Stella & Dot trunk show later this year. The average party host gets $250 in free jewels AND shops items at 50% off. So awesome!

Third, the purchases I did make were from my fave fast fashion retailers so they were totally budget friendly. I adore the cobalt shoes from Zara. They’re surprisingly comfy and can be worn with tights into fall. Also added to my wardrobe was the H&M clutch. Sure, it probably wasn’t a necessary purchase…but I love the colour, it was only $30 and it went so well with the look. The sad part is it doesn’t fit my camera, hence the crappy iPhone shots.

So that’s it lovelies! A little careful planning and you can show up to your next fancy dress affair without breaking the bank.

How fabulous?!


p.s. While deciding how I was going to wear the Badgley Mischka, I also toyed around with going for a different palette. Check it out below:

Gala Stye: Tonal vs. Contrast

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