Weekend Itinerary: Cocktails, Closets and a Photoshoot

This weekend is a bit of a working one… but totally fun too! First, I’m giving my closet yet another little cleanse to make room for new splurges de-clutter my life. The items that are still fabulous, but taking up space are going to be sold at Cocktails & Closets, a second hand sale, being hosted by http://www.Fashion-Forward.ca in support of a charity called New Circles that provides clothing to those in need. If you want to add some new pieces to your wardrobe for next to nothing, come check it out. I personally won’t have very many high end designer pieces (I don’t think), more mall brand and a few local designer pieces but there may be a pair of amazing Michael Kors shearling lined clogs in size 7 if I can stand to part with them. Love…but never wear (:|) plus there are 9 other closets to shop too so who knows what you’ll see there…and did I mention cocktails???   Then on Sunday it’s more wardrobe decisions, but this time as they relate to a charity calendar photo shoot I’m styling. My backseat is totally jealous because the last few days have involved picking up designer pieces from the likes of Sentaler, HeadMistress, DeMOYO, Loft 604 and Sorel. It will take all the strength in the world not to shop the shoot…and fill my closet back up in the process.

If you want to see how it all goes down, follow me on instagram or twitter @auwai_inc!

Whatever you get into, wishing you a fabulous weekend too!



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