Dear Dr. Love: What the heck is a Pheromone?

As we countdown to our fun & flirty pop-up on February 8th, we’ve invited a special guest blogger, Dr. Love, from Ohhh Canada to answer some burning questions about romance and sexy time so you’ll know just what to look out for when you join us for cocktails and Valentine’s Day gift shopping at Rx for Romance
See you on February 8th at Rx for Romance!
Dear Dr. Love,
What’s the deal with pheromones?
Ivana Smellgood
Dear Ivana,
Great question!  Pheromones are an odorless substance that our bodies give off to send signals to other humans in our proximity.  While pheromones can be used to send all kinds of message, the ones we normally want to talk about are those that signal sexual attraction…and therefore attract others to us.
The good thing – your body does this naturally.  However, if you want to enhance this, you can use pheromone-infused products.  The ones we sell at Ohhh are all synthetics – meaning that they are not derived from animals.
My favourite is our Body Mist in Pink Cupcake.  Who wouldn’t want to smell like a decadent dessert?
If you’d like to try it for yourself and see if it fits your prescription for a perfect Valentines Day, come meet with me at Rx for Romance on Feb. 8th.  Or if you can’t make the event, feel free to check us out online.
Katrina McKay…aka Dr. Love
Dr. Love aka Katrina McKay
***Note:  I am not a doctor of any kind, however I do know a lot about sex and sexiness, and I look really sexy with a stethoscope around my neck. ***

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