Dear Dr. Love: What if I don’t want to go BUZZ in the night?

As we gear up for Rx for Romance, Dr. Love is back to answer another burning question… **Warning, this post is a little racy.**
See you on February 8th at Rx for Romance!
Dear Dr. Love,
My husband and I want to try something different, but we aren’t really into vibrators.  Can you suggest something that will spice things up?
Mrs. Buzzkill
Dear Mrs. B,
Truth be told my all-time favourite bedroom accessories aren’t even vibrators.  There are lots of toys to choose from that don’t vibrate – from beautiful glass wands to a non-vibrating toy called the Sqweel.
But your best bet in this case would be to try some light bondage play.  You don’t have to go all out and act out a Fifty Shades of Grey scene (although feel free if you’re up for it!).  Bondage can be as mild or as wild as suits the two of you as a couple.
To make things simpler, here’s my prescription for a sexy night in that’s a whole of spicy and a little bit sweet:
Set up the Under the Bed by slipping it under your mattress.  Hide the cuffs down the side of the bed.  Secure blindfold over your partner’s eyes.  Give him a massage with one or two massage bars as needed.  Turn him over, cuff hands and feet, and apply plenty of lube, reapplying as often as desired.  May be repeated by switching roles.
Et voila!  Let Want your own personalized prescription for romance?  Join me at Rx for Romance on February 8th.  Can’t make it to the event?  Shop online at Ohhh Canada.
Katrina McKay…aka Dr. Love
Dr. Love aka Katrina McKay
***note:  I am not really a doctor.  I am, however, a sex expert who is happy to help you heat things up in the bedroom and beyond.  Plus, I can rock a lab coat like nobody’s business.***

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