Dear Dr. Love: How do I cure the winter blahs?

As we count down to Rx for Romance, we’ve got Dr. Love holding office hours once again,  this time with a prescription for all the single ladies! Cue Beyoncé singing…
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Dear Dr. Love,
I’m single, and if that didn’t bum me out enough around this time of year, I’m also just not feeling very attractive.  I gained a few pounds over the holidays, and I’m feeling a case of the blah’s.  Can you give me some advice to make myself feel better again?
Katie Blues
Hi Miss Blues,
First of all, everyone feels the same way you do at times…regardless of whether they’re attached or single or something in between.  All the same, I’m sorry you’re feeling down, honey!  Sometimes the weather can play a role in this as well – when it’s dark and overcast, or as cold as it is here in Toronto right now, it can be harder to feel enthused about anything…much less feel sassy and sexy.
But let’s get down to some fun solutions instead of getting mired in the problems, shall we?
Grab a friend or two and plan a girls night out.  Pull out your hottest little dress or whatever outfit makes YOU feel dressed up and sexy.  Maybe do something out of the ordinary – take a burlesque dance class or go to a new restaurant.  Or, if you’re in the Toronto area, definitely join us for our Rx for Romance event on Feb. 8th.
See you on February 8th at Rx for Romance!
You should also pencil in some time for a little TLC for yourself.  I love a good spa day, but for me, a busy entrepreneur… uh, I mean “doctor”, it’s hard to fit in that kind of time.  Instead I opt for spa-grade products at home.  My fave lately is the Winter Skin Care Kit in Skinny Dip.  It includes a massage oil candle which I gaze into while meditating and a thick moisturizing body butter (which I also need this time of year lest my legs get all scaly… did you like that visual?).  The Skinny Dip scent is out-of-this-world delicious.  Smells a bit like vanilla and cotton candy, but isn’t sickly-sweet.  It’s an instant mood booster to me, and makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself…even when I only have ten minutes before bed.

Lastly, masturbation is good for you!  Give yourself some pleasure in the shower or first thing in the morning…whatever tickles your fancy.  You can use your hands (best to use lube, though especially if you’re a bit dehydrated from the winter weather), or change things up with a hot toy like the new We-Vibe Thrill.
Hope this helps, darling!
Katrina McKay…aka Dr. Love
Dr. Love a.k.a. Katrina McKay
***Note:  I’m not a real doctor, nor do I play one on tv.  However, I do give excellent love and sex advice, and I was once a doctor for Halloween…or maybe that was a sexy nurse.  No matter.  Send your sex questions my way –***

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