Dear Dr. Love: How Do I Maintain The Mood?

As we continue to count down to next month’s pop-up, Ohhh Canada’s Dr. Love guest posts with some *delicate* advice on what to keep on hand for your private boudoir games.   See you on February 8th at Rx for Romance!
Dear. Dr. Love,
My boyfriend loves when I go down on him, but I really don’t like the way he tastes.  He’s clean and he takes care of himself, but even right out of the shower, I just don’t like doing it.   It makes me gag, and then I’m not in the mood anymore.  Please help.
Moodie Spoiler
Hey Moodie,
There are lots of ways to making giving head a whole lot more fun and comfortable for both partners (note: this applies to both girls-who-like-guys and guys-who-like-guys…we’re talking about pleasing the same organ here).
Start off by working him up in other ways so that you don’t end up “down there” for a marathon session.  Give him a little strip tease (maybe with pasties if you’re a lady…and if you’re a guy stayed tuned to Ohhh for some incredibly sexy undies), or a sensual back massage with oil.
Once he’s suitably worked up, try using a flavoured lube or other product that’s specifically designed for oral sex.  Happy Penis Massage Cream is my favourite.  One, you can’t beat the name, as it doesn’t take itself too seriously (and neither should you…sex is supposed to be fun, remember?).  It has a thicker consistency than lube which makes it ideal for some serious rubbing – make sure to use your hands before and while you’re using your mouth, AND it tastes like a cherry lollipop which will help with the taste factor plus stimulate your salivary glands to keep your mouth nice and wet which is more comfortable for you and for him.  Score!
Want more tips for pleasuring your partner?  Come and chat with me in person on Feb. 8th at Rx for Romance (free event, but you must get on the guest list).  Can’t make the event?  Email your questions to or visit us online.
Katrina McKay…aka Dr. Love
Dr. Love aka Katrina McKay
***Note: I am not a doctor of any kind, but I do know lots about penis-pleasing.  And that’s almost like holding a doctorate, right?  Erm…***

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