Welcoming Aboard, Filosofia Swimwear!


Weeks away from Divalicious 6 and we’re thrilled to make our first exciting announcement about what you can expect on our first ever ladies cruise!

Shop Socials and DivaGirl Fitness have partnered with emerging swimwear label, Filosofia Swimwear, and together we’re making QUITE the splash.

Filosofia Swimwear offers women a beautiful, premium quality swimsuit product designed to celebrate the natural diversity of female bodies and redefine beauty standards. Filosofia will break the mould of how women view themselves and their bodies by using accurate visual representations of women and socially meaningful branding.

As our Divalicious 6 Prestige Sponsor, Filosofia will be outfitting Divalicious 6 hosts, Tamika and Laura, and creating a sizzling runway show for all our guests to enjoy BUT… in keeping with their mission to celebrate body diversity they’re be calling on YOU to strut your stuff. That’s right, ladies! If you ever wanted to cross “fashion model” off your bucket list or just have a strong desire to empower others to feel as confident as you do in your skin, you’ll have a chance to be featured on the Divalicious runway … of course there will be perks so stay tuned for those details.

In the meantime, get social with our our new besties, Filosofia Swimwear, on Facebook or Twitter and don’t forget to get those tickets!!!

>> Click for Divalicious 6 info and tickets

Divalicious6 Banner (1)


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