Welcoming Aboard, My Femme Crush!

Bling doesn’t have to break the bank and My Femme Crush is dedicated to bringing you Chic Pieces sans the Chic Price so you can build an accessories wardrobe that’s a true reflection of your personal style. Their collection of baubles is offered online but YOU can shop them in person on Sunday, July 6th at Divalicious 6!

Divalicious 6 hosts Tamika Auwai of Shop Socials and Laura Furtado of DivaGirl Inc. will be wearing My Femme Crush accessories and it’s been so tough to choose favourites. If you have any suggestions get social with  My Femme Crush, on Facebook or Twitter to give your two cents on what YOU think they should wear and make a little wish list for yourself while you’re at it!

Remember, to attend Divalicious 6 you MUST purchase tickets in advance and we don’t want you to miss out. Follow the link below to join us.

>> Click for Divalicious 6 info and tickets

Divalicious6 Banner (1)

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