Divalicious 6 FLASH SALE For Our Besties


We’re getting ready to dance, shop, socialize til our hearts content at Divalicious 6 on Sunday, July 6th and the anticipation’s got us feeling pretty giddy.

We want you, your bestie and maybe even your bestie’s besties to come on out and join us but we know how it is. There are soooo many events in the city to choose from. How does a girl decide?

Well, if you’ve been sitting on the fence today, Tuesday, June 24th,  is time to go all in because we’re offering a special FLASH SALE on Divalicious 6 ticketsfor the next 24 hours (from midnight to 11:59 PM) so that errr’ybody and their mama can grab tickets at just $15 a pop! Taxes and fees extra.

To get your discounted ticket head over to http://www.divalicious6.eventbrite.com and use code “bestiesget50” right now! We suspect this lil promo could possibly cause us to sell out and we don’t want to say we didn’t warn you.

>> Purchase Divalicious 6 Tickets NOW


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