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Seeking an affordable way to get your products and services directly into the hands of urban females in the 25 – 45 demographic? 

Build Your Brand + Get  Sales with Shop Socials Events!

What  Type of Customers Will I Meet? Predominantly single with high disposable income, our attendees join us to learn about and shop the newest fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and services, before they hit the malls. They’re reading FASHION, and Oprah. They’re watching The Social, Girls and Mad Men and they’re carrying their Visa Debit card in a cute wallet scored in that little boutique just off Queen West.


How Much Will It Cost? Vendor spaces start at $150 with sponsorship opportunities starting around $500. Prices are based event attendance, event duration, venue  and additional perks or benefits granted including marketing value and display furniture. Yes, we are absolutely priced higher many other vendor opportunities given than some of our pop-ups are only a few hours in length, however, young brands seeking to establish a more upscale image and for looking exposure to  clientele they might not find at a street fair or community centre event understand that we offer an opportunity to sell but also to create brand awareness amongst a higher end market. In  comparison to other branding and retailing channels our events are absolutely the most cost effective.

FYI – We also love working with independent clients to produce, host and promote their own pop-ups, trunk shows and fashion shows. In fact, many of our independent clients started out with a small vendor table and have grown to be able to support their own highly trafficked sales event. 


How Can I Become A Vendor? Many of our events are curated, meaning we hand select vendors based on a specific theme. For example, our Retro Style Lab a few years back hosted vintage clothing vendors alongside labels offering new pieces with retro influences. However, where it suits we will do an open call for vendors first to our past vendors, next to our database and lastly by having our sales reps cold call.

To be notified of upcoming vendor and sponsorship opportunities with Shop Socials and our event partners, please join our vendor database.

*BONUS* When you do, you’ll receive a copy of our CEO’s latest eBook, Stop the Sabotage: 10 Ways You’re Wrecking Your Return on Investment at Vendor Events. This easy read is packed full of strategic ways to maximize your next vendor event.

>> Join Shop Socials Vendor Database and get a copy of the eBook now.


What Results Will I Get As A Vendor? We never, EVER promise specific results because we can’t guarantee that crazy weather or a subway closure won’t keep guests home instead of out shopping or that Suzie Shopper will love your product, price or sales approach more than Vicki Vendors. In fact, it gives us an icky feeling when we hear other event producers selling vendor spaces with promises of thousands through the door and thousands in sales.  We do have an excellent track record for producing well organized events and a solid reputation for bringing out fabulous women to shop.

Here are a few kind words from past vendors: 

“Thank you very much ladies for hosting an amazing event! We really maximized our space and had a successful evening accomplishing our goals to connect with others. Very grateful to havemet wonderful ladies and new contacts. Plus, managed sales.”

– MariGrace Accessories

“Hello Tamika, I really loved the organization and the promotion of the show! There a ton of amazing women and the outcome was fantastic! I would like to thank you for organizing a fantastic event! Pls keep me posted to any future events. It was a pleasure meeting you and the others gals there.”

– SuzyQ Jewels

“I’ve been doing a lot of different events in the last 9 years and I have to say, you girls were amazing and I felt good with this event and all different sides of your event planning! Congrats and thanks for the successful event. We will most likely sign up for the next one as well :)Have a great week!”

– Shop For Jayu

“Thank YOU for sharing your great talents and love through this event! It was great working with you and I’m thankful we finally got to do something together 🙂 You are truly good at what you do!”

– Private Client

“I would like to thank you both for allowing us to be part of this wonderful event! We met lots of great people that we hope will prove beneficial for our business. Please keep me updated with any future events you plan to hold.”

– House of Kangaroo

“Thank you  for organizing such a fabulous event! I had a great time and made some good contacts. It was a shame the runway show was canceled due to rain, but the dresses were still amazing. I chatted with one of the designers and she is interested in me making headpieces for her models! I wouldn’t have these opportunities if these events weren’t organized.”

– Featherband

“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such great event.!  and Ladies, thanks for outstanding service!”


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